Edizioni Olivares’s series, which always originate from a project-idea, include illustrated volumes of Art and Photography, catalogues on the great works of Italian and International Cinema, reference books on topics relating to New Media, Economics, and Business Management that are intended for use in universities, and monographs and other in-depth texts. Care taken in selecting titles and authors, editorial precision, and innovative graphic design are the distinctive characteristics of the books published by Edizioni Olivares. The publisher is involved in the entire publishing process, from the creative phase through the production phase and printing, with the conviction that a book is a tool for knowledge and for intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic education.


Since 1998, thanks to recognition of the conceptual and quality standards the company has achieved on the publishing scene, Edizioni Olivares has been part of the circuit of large institutions of American art and culture and has established many international collaborations: with the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, all in New York City, and with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles. In 2006, Edizioni Olivares handled publishing and cultural diplomacy projects for the Italian Embassy in Berlin. Alongside these projects related to designing art events, coordinating different groups, and publishing catalogues, there is also the publication of monographs and in-depth art books.

Cinema and Performing Arts

Since 1997, Edizioni Olivares has published books related to international events dedicated to Italian and International Cinema. The publisher has collaborated with the Museum of Modern Art, Lincoln Center, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, becoming the publisher of reference for exhibits and retrospectives dedicated to the greats of Italian auteur cinema: Vittorio De Sica, Pietro Germi, Dino De Laurentiis. From 1997 to 2003, Edizioni Olivares had a signed agreement with the Festival di Locarno to publish the monographs that accompanied the Festival’s Retrospectives; these monographs have achieved real cult status, becoming works of reference for cinephiles, critics, and scholars. From 1998 to 2000, Edizioni Olivares published books to accompany MoMA’s Italian Cinema retrospectives as well.

New Media

In the field of New Media, Edizioni Olivares has published the most innovative titles of the large university presses in the United States, of MIT Press in particular. In 2002, the publisher was the first publishing house to produce an international edition of Il linguaggio dei nuovi media (The Language of New Media) by Lev Manovich, a professor of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego. Manovich’s work is the first erudite, organic study on new media since the arrival of the Internet in which new media are explored in the context of the development trajectory of contemporary digital culture. The text is used today in Italy’s major universities. Equally appreciated in university circles are Software Culture, also by Lev Manovich (and published in its world premiere by Edizioni Olivares), and Il cinema nell’era del virtuale (The Virtual Life of Film), in which the author, David N. Rodowick, analyzes the fate of film in the aesthetic and visual culture of the twenty-first century.

Economics and Business

Edizioni Olivares was among the first to launch publishing collaborations with major international consulting firms. Among the most significant titles are Cambio di rotta (Sea Change) and Il Leader del futuro (The Leader of the Future), published in partnership with Price Waterhouse, L’azienda cinetica (The Power of Corporate Kinetics) with Deloitte Consulting, Valore aggiunto (Valeur Ajoutée) with Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Blur with Ernst & Young Consultants, as well as Progettare l’organizzazione del futuro (The Organization of the Future) with Andersen Consulting. In 1997, Edizioni Olivares won the Financial Times Global Business Book Award for Maria Weber’s Vele verso la Cina (Sailing Toward China).

Travels and Other Journeys

In 1993, Edizioni Olivares conceived the “Biblioteca di Bordo” (Library on Board) series, which is designed to offer original “lessons on the fly” on topics relating to art and culture at the gates for the most important business-related destinations at Italy’s major airports. Among the texts of this series are Jean Cocteau’s Il mio primo viaggio (Mon premier voyage) and Edith Wharton’s Paesaggi Italiani (Italian Backgrounds). In 2008, Edizioni Olivares published the bilingual volume Viaggi in Italia – Reisen nach Italien, the fruit of a joint initiative between the publisher and the Italian Embassy in Berlin. It included seven contributions from illustrious scholars, academics, and art historians who provided in-depth presentations of Italy’s most excellent attributes, which were already the subject of a cycle of conferences promoted by the Italian Embassy in Berlin and by the Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin. The result was a “book of intersecting viewpoints” that underscores the role of culture as an essential foundation of European identity.


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