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“ The Passions of the Mind ”

Edizioni Olivares is a conceptual platform for cultural planning and the creation of publishing and multimedia products. It is distinguished by its particular attention to contemporary issues and to the importance and value of ideas, from the perspective of a culture of design.

Edizioni Olivares publishes a variety of products including art and film catalogues created in partnership with the most important international cultural institutions, in-depth volumes on New Media, and economics and business texts for use in universities; it creates art exhibits and cultural events in collaboration with major Italian and American museums; it produces videos and programs of cultural current events for television and the web; it promotes new cultural planning tools for local policy makers; it develops strategies and plans for Corporate Social Responsibility for the business world.
Thanks to the consolidation, over the years, of the publisher’s vocation for cultural diplomacy on a global scale, all of Edizioni Olivares’s projects take advantage of an international network composed of experts and professionals who create and develop publishing and multimedia projects through a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approach with the aim of combining creativity, culture, innovation, and an international outlook.


Master in Cultural Diplomacy II Edition

Posted on 12/07/2018 in cultura, Softpower

An international program, entirely in English, with an innovative intersection of disciplines, the first at European level to combine in a single course three different fields of study: Public diplomacy and International Relations; Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy for the creation of the global rep ...

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Cities are increasingly poised—and being called upon—to play a greater role in addressing challenges at the international level, from climate change and immigration, to the health and security of citizens. The USC Center on Public Diplomacy (CPD), in partnership with the Los Angeles Mayor’s Of ...


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